HAACK-Performance ETI (WKN A17TAL)

HAACK Performance ETI (WKN A17TAL)

Since the end of 2015, it has managed HAACK performance asset-backed ETIs (Exchange Traded Instruments). This page will tell you everything you need to know about this product.

What is HAACK performance ETI, WKN: A17TAL?

HAACK performance ETI has grown out of the idea of offering the HAACK-INVEST example portfolio to a broader audience for replication. Furthermore, we believe that the inclusion of HAACK-DAILY trades enhances the performance of the ETI, thus providing the customer with a long-term performance advantage in all market conditions.

How does it perform?

The HAACK Performance ETI was launched in December 2015 with a value of €1,000.

20171,38%0,71%0,29%1,35%0,98%-0,87%2,86%-1,05% 1,837% 1,79% -1,65%-3,20%4,33%
*Stand 09.07.2018
Quelle: Argentarius ETI Management Ltd


What is an ETI?

And Exchange Traded Instrument (ETI) is a security that has an underlying asset of 1:1. It offers access to alternative investments and can be traded via the stock Exchange.

How does an ETI work?

Each ETI represents the example portfolio of the weekly HAACK-INVEST investment market newsletter as well as the HAACK-DAILY trades (from the homonymous derivatives market newsletter that is published several times a day) with a small percentage.

Who is behind the ETI?

The Haack Performance ETI was launched for PP-Asset Management GmbH (licensed under Section 32 of the German Banking Act – KWG). All Haack Performance ETI assets are in a sub-fund. This sub-fund is not subject to issuer risk, as is the case with bank certificates.

Where can I buy the product?

The certificate (WKN A17TAL) can be purchased in over-the-counter trading (OTC)

For further details, phone + 49 (0) 211 635590-20.

Is there a benchmark?

Yes, we use the MSCI World Index to measure our results; this can be seen in the chart below (blue).

Webinar Haack-Performance ETI (WKN A17TAL)

In dieser Webinar-Aufzeichnung sind die meisten Fragen zu diesem Produkt erklärt und erläutert worden – Fragen aus der Zuhörerschaft wurden ebenfalls behandelt und wer sich für die Konstruktion und Funktionsweise sowie den Aufbau des Produkts im Detail interessiert, sollte sich das Webinar anschauen:


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