PP-Plutos Strategie

Strategy descriptions

The PP-Plutos strategy involves high-leverage, aggressive trading with futures on indices, equities, options and forex products.

Short-term strategies and medium-term market assessments are combined during trading. This allows an aggressive pursuit of trends and the strengthening of trends via variation of the position volumes in order to partially realise profits and create pyramid strategies.

The monthly fluctuations of PP-Plutos strategy are best described as high and are significantly different to our other products with moderate risk profiles.

If you decide to invest in the PP-Plutos strategy, you must expect signifiant two-figure fluctuations in both directions. However, the chance of returns is correspondingly high once a trend has been correctly recognised, which can be seen from the results.

Description of “PP-Plutos Strategy“

Real trade with the PP-Plutos strategy has been ongoing since January 2010.The minimum account volume is € 40,000.

The stated Performance includes all transaction fees. In addition we charge the following: 2 % asset management fee p.a. plus the statutory amount of VAT [MwSt] (invoicing quarterly based on net equity at the end of each quarter) plus an annual share in the profits of 20 percent of the growth in value of the managed account/portfolio plus the statutory amount of VAT [MwSt] (invoicing on 31.12. of each year). Invoicing will be on a high watermark basis, i.e. a share in the profits will only be due if the growth in value since the last profit-share invoice is positive.

Performance by month in percent on the Basis of 40.000€
Stand 31.10.2019
Die Wertentwicklung in der Vergangenheit ist kein verlässlicher Indikator für die zukünftige Wertentwicklung.

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