Strategy description

The HAACK-DAILY Portfolio is the premium product offered by online stock markets newsletter HAACK-DAILY, which is issued every day by Hans-Jürgen Haack.

In his newsletter the issuer gives his recommendations for indices, equities, commodities and currencies (forex) with a time horizon of several hours up to days.

As a rule in this HAACK-DAILY Portfolio a maximum of 1 – 1.5% of the portfolio volume will be invested per position, which enables strict risk control and restricts fluctuation.

The HAACK-DAILY Portfolio is aimed at investors that would like to hold all of the diversified recommendations of HAACK-DAILY in their accounts in order to participate in the newsletter results. This product has been available since 17.01.2011 and the minimum account volume is € 25,000.

The stated performance of the HAACK-DAILY Portfolio includes all transaction fees. In addition we charge the following: 1% asset management fee p.a. plus the statutory amount of VAT [MwSt] (invoicing quarterly based on net equity at the end of each quarter) plus an annual share in the profits of 20 percent of the growth in value of the managed account/portfolio plus the statutory amount of VAT [MwSt] (invoicing on 31.12 of each year). Invoicing will be on a high watermark basis, i.e. a share in the profits will only be due if the growth in value since the last profit-share invoice is positive.

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Performance by month in percent on the basis of 25,000.00 €
Stand 01.09.2020

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and should not be used/relied on as such.
The fees increase with falling account balance, the reported return decreases.

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