Forex FX Pioneer

Forex FX Pioneer

Strategy description

In our Forex FX Pioneer managed account, we actively trade the most common currency pairs.
Investment focus is on short-term trend movements.

The holding time of individual positions is generally between two and five days, and positions are opened on the basis of technical market parameters.

We use active stop management for individual trades and static money management of 2 % per position (starting risk upon position opening).

As trading instruments, CFD contracts are traded through an individual account in your name. The minimum account size for this product is € 25,000.

Reported performance includes all transaction fees. Additionally, we calculate a 2 % asset management fee p.a. plus applicable VAT (calculations are made quarterly and are based on the capital balance at the end of the respective quarter) and an annual 20 % profit participation in the managed account´s/deposit´s growth plus applicable VAT (calculated each December 31st). This calculation is made according to the “high watermark” principle, i.e. a new profit share is only charged when there has been positive growth since the previous profit calculation.

Are you interested in this product or do you have any questions? Simply give us a call on +49 (0)211 635590-20 or send us a short e-mail message to ( will then get in touch as soon as we can with further information.

Performance by month in percent on the basis of 25,000.00 €

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and should not be used/relied on as such.
The fees increase with falling account balance, the reported return decreases.