Individual Asset Management

Individual Asset Management

Every Market. Every Opportunity

Individual Asset Management

Performance Managed Accounts

Performance Managed Accounts
NameApril 2019Performance 20192018201720162015201420132012201120102009Recommended
Account Size
Individual HR-3,15-1,827,60%5,57%3,79%16,45%3,49%-3,47%7,91%63,93%40,52%-4,69%500.000 €
PP-Plutos-3,44%-2,57%20,88%11,62%14,82%2,32%15,09%-13,00%4,07%26,27%56,90%-40.000 €
PP Invest&Trade12,27%28,21%-17,45% 35,14%11,88%17,12%100.000 €
PP-Global Assets -5,28%-14,31%-27,67%0,08%20,74%12,24%-17,21%27,18%10,57%49,04%--50.000 €
HAACK-DAILY CFD-4,04%-13,30%-38,00%17,72%25,72%3,83%-15,64%20,32%-23,22%57,32%--25.000 €
Forex FX Pioneer-6,51%-15,32%-17,34%-17,56%15,74%20,56%-18,71%34,02%44,34%40,73%--25.000 €

Strategy descriptions

Our managed accounts allow our experienced team to exploit on your behalf all markets using a multitude of instruments to realise profit. You will experience the premier class of speculation
In the following you will find an overview of our managed accounts, from the entry level of € 50,000 (trade also possible leveraged as of € 35,000) up to a level of € 500,000 for equities management.
There are various strategies within the managed accounts, all of which are determined according to the markets. No markets are ruled out, rather the best chances are exploited on your behalf. There may be fluctuations (downwards) within the product of 4% per month or more, however these are extremely rare.

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