Equities long/short

Equities long/short

PP-Asset Management GmbH offers private and institutional investors a managed account in the area of equities and stock options with an initial investment of 125,000 euro (or multiples thereof).

Contrary to popular opinion, the trade in equities and stock options can prove an interesting investment, even in a generally bear market, if an outperformance of the benchmark is achieved from the current approach.

As part of investment strategy, the purchase and short-selling of equities and the buying and selling of covered and uncovered stock options is possible. This form of investment is therefore aimed at speculative and profit-orientated, experienced investors.

During the course of trading stocks are purchased of companies worldwide that are, in our opinion, undervalued, whilst simultaneously selling-short stocks in overvalued companies. The weighting of long and short positions in the overall portfolio is dependent on the expected directionality of the stock markets.

The aim of the investment is a watered down ‘absolute return’ approach, i.e. it is not the aim to hit a specific stock index but rather to generate relatively independent returns from the development of the stock markets. In doing so a strongly watered down correlation to the MSCI World index can be expected.

The stated performance includes all transaction fees. In addition we charge the following: 1% asset management fee p.a. plus the statutory amount of VAT [MwSt] (invoicing quarterly based on net equity at the end of each quarter) plus an annual share in the profits of 20 percent of the growth in value of the managed account/portfolio plus the statutory amount of VAT [MwSt] (invoicing on 31.12 of each year). Invoicing will be on a high watermark basis, i.e. a share in the profits will only be due if the growth in value since the last profit-share invoice is positive.

For the very speculative investor it is possible to allow this investment to be managed with leverage.

Performance by month in percent on the basis of 500,000.00 €

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